3 Pandas 2 Night

The sequel of the first gameunblocked , 3 Pandas 2: Night continues the adventures of three panda brothers Small, Slim and Big. Having found themselves stranded on an island infested with unwanted natives, our three pandas need your help to escape attempts by the locals to capture them. Take control of three resourceful pandas and play through amazing levels filled with interesting and fun puzzles. From exotic insects to carnivorous plants, this island is full of all kinds of dangers and challenges! Get ready to dive deep into your next big adventure!

Even if you only have a backyard, a night out can be troublesome. 3 Pandas must spend their nights on an island full of dangers, from aggressive natives to hungry plants. Like other games in this addictive series, your goal in 3 Pandas 2: Night is to complete each level by taking control of the panda brothers and manipulating your environment to create a safe and clear path to your destination. Even though you are stranded on an uncharted island, you will find many different mechanisms that you can use. There are various ways to activate these mechanisms, from pressing buttons to pulling levers. The puzzles in this game may seem quite difficult, but the game controls are quite simple. Use the left mouse button to interact with your environment. You can control all three of your pandas and each little bear has a different ability. The small one can be launched into the air to reach hard-to-reach places. The thin one can hold onto the ledges to reach the otherwise inaccessible lower platforms. Finally, the big one can carry others on his head to reach high places. Can you help the panda brothers work together to escape this brutal jungle and find their way home?

This game is developed by FlashTeam.

Release date

Cute panda characters to control
Colorful 2D graphics
Intuitive game controls
Fun game
Use your mouse to play this game.

Kiz Oyun