Among them Hide N Seek 2

In Among Us Hide'n Seek 2, you will have the opportunity to play as one of the many astronauts who seek or hide at the beginning of the game. When the countdown begins, you must quickly hide under the walls and collect diamonds until they appear. The great and fun thing about this game is that the game is played from the top and you can see the seeker moving on the map so you can escape from it before it reaches you. After a while if you don't get caught and you have to collect the limited number of diamonds at the end of the rounds and still be the one alive. So play many challenging levels with dazzling obstacles and shapes to keep you entertained for hours. Give your best and play the best games of Among Us online for free with TinyPlayer! Also, check our 2 Player Among Us and Among Us Single Player games. Have fun!

Kiz Oyun