EvoWorld io unblocked

EvoWorld.io is a multiplayer survival game formerly known as FlyOrDie.io. You start as a small fly and level up as you eat. As you evolve, other players become part of your diet. Each level comes with a new special ability and more things to eat. The choice is simple, Fly or Die!

How to Play EvoWorld.io?
Eat items and animals marked in green. Avoid the red marked animals because they will eat you! You'll be fighting for survival against hundreds of other players, so make sure you keep moving and eating. Pay attention to your water level too, you will need plenty of water to survive.

Special Abilities
As you progress through the game, each animal will have its own special ability. You can use this special ability to pass the game faster. When you start out as a fly, you'll have a "beginner's chance". This gives you a 50% chance to evade a predator's attack. Use special abilities to your advantage.

Game Levels
There are 45 different animals and 8 evolution stages in EvoWorld. You start out as a simple fly and work your way through the animal kingdom.

After playing with normal animals, there are demons, mythical monsters, cosmic beings and undead. The Grim Reaper is at the top of the food chain and uses a scythe to kill its prey.

EvoWorld.io has multiple biomes. Each of them has a completely different view. You'll find different prey everywhere, so don't be afraid to explore the map and see what's out there.

About the Developer
EvoWorld is made by Pixel Voices, a .io game developer. Other popular games made by Pixel Voices are lam.io and abnormal.io.

Don't stay in one place for too long
Use special abilities to your advantage
Hide in the clouds to avoid being eaten
drink lots of water
Eat as much prey as possible!
Evolve with 45 different animal species
Fly into space or descend deep into the ground
Multiple biomes to play
.io multiplayer game
Release date
April 2018

Web browser (desktop and mobile). We also have an Android version.

How many evolutions are there in EvoWorld?
You evolve through 8 evolutionary stages and 45 animals.

What is the final stage of evolution at EvoWorld?

Is EvoWorld.io available on mobile?
You can play EvoWorld.io in your web browser on desktop or mobile. There is also an Android version.

How do you survive in EvoWorld?

EvoWorld io play

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