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Google Feud unblocked

Test your search engine knowledge in Google Feud, the world's first puzzle game based on internet searches. Inspired by the cult US television show Family Feud, this version uses Google's autocomplete suggestions instead of audience polls as the basis for correct answers. Good or bad, there is no charismatic host accompanying the game, but there is a wide variety of difficult questions.

Every Google Feud game starts with choosing one of four categories: “culture” gives you general statements about the world around us, “people” deals with philosophical and individual questions, “names” tests your knowledge of celebrities and politicians, and “questions”” are just that – people random questions asked by the world's most popular search engine. Your job is to finish the given statement with a maximum of 10 endings that correspond to Google's database. If you make three mistakes in a row, it's game over. Use your mouse to navigate menu screens and type responses with your keyboard - just like any regular website.

Google Feud is online, no download or installation required. Open the page on your preferred mobile or desktop device and start playing right away. Powerful hardware is also not required because of how simple the graphics are. As long as you have a screen and the ability to enter your answers, you are good to go.

People who have tried Google Feud before play regularly because it is original, unpredictable and fun. There's no shooting or popping action - it's more of a puzzle game, really - but there are always new amazing search phrases to guess. The concept may seem simple, but if you have any doubts, play a quick game and see if you can make at least one call without making any mistakes - you're in for a fun challenge. Try to enjoy this fun yourself.

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