While playing Unblocked Monster io game, you direct the monster or creature you control by dragging your mouse or finger on the screen. There are tiny squid game competitors on the track. You gain strength by crushing these competitors and you also grow in size. It looks like how many contestants you have crushed next to your name. 10 monsters join each episode with you. You have to kill other monsters and complete the course as a leader. If one of the other monsters kills you, you are out of the fight and you have to start the same level again.

Each episode lasts 90 seconds. In the MONSTERS KILLS section, the number of monsters you have killed and the time remaining to the end of the section are displayed in the upper left corner of the screen. You earn points when you complete the levels as a leader. With these points, you can improve your character's walking speed, hitting power and stamina. So you can continue playing monster io game by starting the next chapters with a stronger monster.

Kiz Oyun