Police Chase

Police Chase Unblocked

In Police Chase, tense missions, awesome cars and fighting criminals are part of your daily life. Fines for wrong parking and speeding, or fighting against the mafia and terrorist groups... it's all your job. And your motto is: safety first!

Meet with informants, track down suspects, chase criminals and complete missions against the tick-tock of the clock. You need courage, skill and quick reflexes in a world of blazingly fast action, a gripping story and a massive open game world. Everything depends on you!

• Start your police career with 15 challenging and gripping missions
• Get ready for speed, adrenaline and breathtaking action on 15 different routes
• A wide range of cars with different powers and details.
• Explore a massive 3D world during the mission, from highways to country roads and industrial areas
• Transform from a novice cop to a chief of police by solving 80 different side story missions as you battle against crime syndicates and ringleaders in the free game mode

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Kiz Oyun