Unblocked Pubg

It is a survival game where you fight with other players by parachuting in a region you want while finding a variety of ammunition there, as you travel on a large map where 100 people are on an airplane in general. ENTER THE GAME WITH SINGLE OR TEAM FRIENDS! When you enter the game, you play as a team with 3 unfamiliar people, and when you enter with your teammates, it is more fun for me. Especially if you turn on the voice chat feature, you will move together more comfortably. JUMP TO A SMART PLACE YOU CHOOSE FROM THE MAP!


Pubg Mobile Pixel Unblocked


PUBG is the acronym for PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. It is a very gripping game where the players who play the game enter the race to be the last person to live. PUBG's designer is Brendan Greene. While designing this game, he stated that the Japanese cult film was inspired by "Battle Royale", "H1Z1: King of the Kill" and "DayZ" and it had some features from the "The Hunger Games" movie series. Despite being inspired by these old games, it has come to the fore with its extras and has become a popular game that does not fall from the language of the players. A legendary Pubg craze has emerged. This game, which was bought only from Steam on the computer when it was first released, can now be played as Pubg Mobile on both consoles and tablets and smartphones. Completely on mobile

It was chosen as the best game of 2018 by Google since it is the most downloaded and most played game, although it is free. Such detailed information about the game is enough! Now let's talk about how to play the most fun part.

The game starts by jumping off a plane with 100 people. In the game you get a map and parachute wherever you want. You can also jump to the same place by following your teammates. If you're seeing a lot of parachutes while jumping, you're burned. Most people jumped there. Nobody knows about Pochinki, especially in the first version. It is the most spilled place in Pubg where most people jump.

Equip your equipment by entering the places where you can find equipment as you land on the ground. Various weapons, ammunition, first aid kit, bandage, grenade, binoculars, backpack etc. you can find things. but

Let your priority be to find weapons. The enemy can find you and attack you at any time. Be prepared. You can also get the equipment he finds by killing your enemy. At the same time, airdrops are dropped by helicopter. You can also find very effective weapons, bullets and camouflage equipment. But for this you need to go and get it before anyone else and remember that most people will be around the airdrop. You can be a bait while going to find weapons.


You will have fainting time before you die in the game. When the enemy fails to kill you, you can crawl and escape the enemy. In this case, one of your teammates will come to you before you finish your life

It can recover. If you can't save or your teammates die before you, you will die directly. Another feature is that you can share your equipment with your friend or buy equipment from it. So you can drop bullets when you run out of bullets, health kits, weapons, etc. you can make purchases.


One feature that makes the game the most fun is that the selected area on the map starts to contract after certain minutes and players have to enter that selected area. If you cannot narrow down and enter the area, you will be reduced and you will die. Don't be late. By finding a vehicle and taking your teammates into the vehicle,

you can move fast. But when the area gets very narrow, it is noticed by the enemies that you come with the vehicle, so if you crawl in, the enemy will not notice you and you can see and kill the enemy. In this way, you can be the first or only team by killing everyone and surviving. The game is very effective in relieving stress and finding your energy. I would recommend it to everyone.