Squid Craft Online

While playing Squid unblocked game craft, you can control your character by dragging your mouse or finger back and forth on the screen. There are 5 difficulty levels on the menu page: WORLD 1, WORLD 2, WORLD 3, WORLD 4 and WORLD 5. Difficulty levels consist of obstacles and barriers placed on the track. As the number of obstacles and barriers increases, the difficulty levels of the sections also increase.

A total of 64 seconds is given to complete the track. When the girl's back is turned, the green light is on in the upper right corner. You are moving forward on the track when the green light is on. When the girl's direction is facing you, the red light is on in the upper right corner and you have to stand still without moving while the red light is on. If you move while the girl is facing you, you will be shot and killed by snipers. When you die, you are out of the race and you start the race again and start playing the online squid game craft game.

Kiz Oyun