Totemia Cursed Marbles

What do you do when a long chain of marbles inevitably rolls into a secret room and you can't let them reach? That's right, shoot those bullets with other marbles to remove marbles. It sounds silly, but that's how it is! Aim your Tiki to chain marbles of the same color. If you match 3 or more marbles, they will disappear.

Bigger combinations will yield bigger bonuses and even specials. And if that's not enough for you, there are power ups that will greatly assist you in getting rid of the brightly colored rolling marbles.

Of course there are power supplies. For example, there is a fire power-up that will allow you to spit awesome fireballs for a short time and destroy all the marbles in your path. You don't need to match 3 marbles, just shoot the fireballs wherever you want.

Other fan favorite is lightning powerful which will randomly shoot lightning rays and destroy several marbles at once across the screen. A really useful feature is the option to switch between two marbles before each shot. If you can't find a good place to shoot marble, bartering can give you a huge advantage.

However, your one and only goal is to destroy the entire chain of marbles before the first marble reaches the exit. So your real enemy is time. And of course your targeting skills.

Totemia is the perfect game for all Match 3 fans who want a little more action and excitement. It adds a time component and many levels to mastering as a classic marble shooter.

It is an action-packed marble game as well as challenging. A jigsaw puzzle game for kids, adults and everyone in between. Match 3 game for people with fast fingers and equally fast thinking skills.

How to Play "Totemia: Cursed Marbles"

Explore a mysterious ancient world in Totemia and stop the moving line of the cursed marbles with your tiki shooter! This classic Match3 game will test your skills: shoot at least 3 same-colored balls and bring them together to remove them from the field. Stop the line before it reaches the end and get all the balls to a level. Activate power-ups that appear randomly on the marbles and play strategically to get as many chain reactions as possible they will earn you bonus points. Complete 45 increasingly difficult levels, reach a high score and break the curse!

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