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In the game you are trying to save Princess Peach by briefly selecting one of the two plumber brothers, Mario and Luigi. Jump along the way to overcome various enemies and obstacles, trying to reach the end. Super Mario Brothers, the first true right-hand progressive platform game, has been a model for many games and has also become the world's best-selling game series.

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One of the first characters that comes to mind is Super Mario. So how did this character and game, symbolized for games, become a representation?

In fact, we can say that we owe this character to today's game world. Because in 1984 E.T. With the oyun great video game crisis an that stopped the entire gaming industry in America with its game, it saved a kind of sector. Let's see what story lies behind this hero.

How did Super Mario emerge?

Nintendo's Zelda, Donkey Kong under the name of the big names of the Japanese game developer Shigeru Miyamato created by the purpose of being an iconic character Mario (Ki popularity is quite successful in this regard Miyamato in this regard) first appeared in 1981 Donkey Kong It has increased.

Miyamato, who wants the characters of the new game for the Basic Reis, Nintendo characters can not buy the rights of Donkey Kong for Slack, Pauline for Safinaz and Mario uses for Temel Reis. In 1983, Mario Bros. in the first real game called the turtles in the sewers, but we did not attract much attention has been a construction. The classic Super Mario Bros. and our character is “super”. After that, it has become an immortal legend used in more than 200 games from Mario games and racing games to fighting until today.

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