Murder io game is played on computers with arrow keys and "Z - X" keys. Move left and right and back and forth with the arrow keys. Attack with Z. With X, hide yourself in the closets in the rooms or in the showers in the bathrooms. Perform the same operations on mobile phones and mobile tablets by clicking the Z and X buttons on the screen. Do the walking operation by dragging your finger on the screen.

There are different attackers consisting of real people at the entrance of the building. Other attackers are your opponents. Everyone's duty is to kill the same person or persons. Play the murder io game by entering the building and killing the people with the white lines next to them with a stick. When you complete the tasks given before your opponents, you finish the level first. You earn points as you kill people. You earn "1" point for each person you kill. When your score reaches a certain number, you can change characters. When you kill the wrong people, the cops come and arrest you and kick you out of the game.