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Flappy Bird

Unblocked Flappy Bird Game How to Play?

Of course, you may be too young to know the Flappy Bird craze not too long ago and be unfamiliar with the format, so let us teach you here and now what to do and how to do it the right way! You will have a yellow bird with a red beak and you must score one point for each pair of tunnels you pass through as many green tunnels as possible.

The tunnels are both up and down, so you have to keep the bird in the middle and fly without hitting the top or bottom of the screen because if you do, you lose. Use your mouse to make the bird flap its wings around and stay in the air, or use your finger to tap the screen if you're playing on an Unblocked mobile device.

You may be disappointed if you lose too soon, but the more you play, the more skillful you will progress in this game. Start now, enjoy and stay tuned to see what great games are coming here today just for you!

Game controls

Use the mouse.