Squid Game

Unblocked How to play Squid Game?

While Squid Game, which has just started broadcasting on the digital platform Netflix, is on the agenda, one wonders how the game in the popular TV series is played. The subject of the Squid Game series and how the game in the series was played began to be investigated. So how to play Squid Game? Here are the details.

While Squid Game, which started to be broadcast on Netflix, remains on the agenda, the followers of the popular series are investigating how Squid Game is played. The child actors in the series began to be curious about the audience.

With its interesting story and unpredictable plot, it is wondered how the game in the Squid Game series, which is loved by the audience, is played. While Squid Game continues to be on the agenda of Netflix users, the game in the series has also been investigated.

Hundreds of actors, who are short of money, accept the strange invitation they receive to compete in children's games. Inside, a tempting reward and risk of death await them.

Squid Game is Netflix's original South Korean series, which has only been released for the first season. It consists of 9 parts in total.

In the universe where the popular series takes place, the characters are divided into employees and actors. The players are dressed in green overalls, while the workers are dressed in red overalls and covered with black masks that have a triangle, circle, or square shape over their faces. On the other hand, it is not known how the actors and employees came to their positions in the production, and it continues to be a big question mark.

One of the fans of the series sought an answer in his own way in the video he shared on TikTok for this question. The fan's theory was apparently quite convincing. According to the theory, it was all about the color cards that the participants initially chose. In the first episode, Seller (Gong Yoo) convinces main character Seong Gi-Hun (Lee Jung Jae) to play Ddakji. Gi-Hun, who is told to choose between red and blue cards, prefers the blue card.

Allegedly, all the other players chose the blue card in the same way. Those who chose red were included in the game universe as employees.


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